After career in GDR army, finally as a lecturer at a military academy for students from third world countries, I started my civil life at a private professional training institute, teaching economics and accountancy.

In autumn 1993 I became self-employed, but only after a private lesson for victims of fraudulent bankruptcy.  Being regional manager of a German entrepreneur's association for a couple of time I was to assist owner managed and almost small and mediums sized enterprises in Vorpommern-Rügen region in various business affairs.

Later I was asked to provide consultancy services, start-up promotion, and subsidy management too.

Responding clients’ requests I did design and conduct projects e.g. on infrastructure roll-out, RDI projects, and human resources development.

In February 2006 I had been asked to sum up a few figures for an EU funded project … Meanwhile I am travelling between Brussels and St. Peterburg, Edinburgh and Cracow in order to support my colleagues’ efforts in their European co-operations. Despite of changing headlines these projects are always to shape innovation processes and can provide my experiences in project development and administration, in project controlling and finance management.


A couple of years ago I was a student as well: social sciences in Berlin – graduated with German Diplom degree – and later Economics in Hagen (Westfalen).


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Ekkehardt Rohkohl
Am Mühlenheck 16
18528 Bergen auf Rügen (Allemagne)
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