You are looking for new business friends or customers ?

You are planning a joint vernture or an other investment ?

Let's talk about it, may be, I can help you!


  • Business and administrations contacts
  • New business friends and customers tracing service
  • Market research
  • Finance, verture capital and subsidies knowledge
  • Project supervision


Of course, I mostly work in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). But the other territories of Germany are not realy a difficulty. And I can offer my contacts in Lithuania and Lativa to you too.

auf Kurzwahl:


Ekkehardt Rohkohl
Am Mühlenheck 16
18528 Bergen auf Rügen (Allemagne)
Telefon: 00493838209594 00493838209594
Mobiltelefon: 00491715050055